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advertising opportunities for the virtual clinical conference


More details will be announced in September about an advertising opportunity available to companies that wish to support the Foundation this fall.

Two ways to adverise with the Foundation


In lieu of a virtual exhibit hall during the 2020 Virtual Clinical Conference, the Goldfarb Foundation is offering 2 advertising opportunities for exhibitors.  These opportunities are very similar, only differing slightly in price based upon whether you select to include an ad in the conference meeting program.

Without a meeting program ad, the cost is $350.  With a 1/2 page, full-color ad in the meeting program, the cost is $410.

Each package includes:

1- A dedicated space in the virtual advertiser's section of the online meeting platform.  This space allows you to include your company:

   a. Name

   b. Logo (1080x1080px)

   c. Headline

   d.Website link

   e. Listing of a promotional or discounted show special specific to the Clinical Conference

   f. To be contacted by interested attendees by clicking on a button that will send the attendee contact information to the advertiser's email address

   g. Twitter link

   h.  Tile background 1920x1080px image required. A partially transparent overlay will be automatically applied to any art. Whites will appear light gray. Do not include any text on this art.1920x1080px image required. A partially transparent overlay will be automatically applied to any art. Whites will appear light gray. Do not include any text on this art.

2- Your company listing in the Clinical Conference meeting program, which will include your company phone number and website.  You are welcome to include a maximum 35-word description.

3- Inclusion on a special page of the meeting program and virtual meeting platform that will be dedicated to listing show specials that advertisers may want to offer during the Clinical Conference.

4- An Excel listing of registered attendee contact information (first name, last name, address, and phone number; no email addresses or fax numbers are provided).

For those companies who select to purchase the advertising package with an ad in the meeting program, here are the ad specs:
HALF-PAGE Dimensions: Horizontal ONLY: 7.5 x 4.625 


how to purchase an advertising package


To purchase an advertising package for the Clinical Conference, visit the Online Store and select "Exhibitor Advertising Package for 2020 Virtual Clinical Conference".  On the following page, you can select if you would like to purchase the product for $350 (without meeting program ad") or $410 (with meeting program ad).  During the process of selecting the package that best meets your needs, you will be required to submit the following items:
-  Company description (maximum of 35 words)

- Any show specials for the Clinical Conference, including applicable sales terms and parameters

- Company phone number that a meeting attendee can use to reach out to your company

- Company website

If your purchase includes an ad in the meeting program, you will be required to upload the HALF PAGE Dimensions: Horizontal ONLY: 7.5 x 4.625 as a PDF file at the time of your advertising package purchase.

Note that advertisting packages can only be purchased until Friday, October 16.

Once you complete your purchase, you will be provided with further direction on how to begin the process of gathering and uploading the information required to populate your advertising space in the virtual meeting platform.  This process will be available to advertisers from September 28 - October 21 and will need to be done all at once.

Important Deadlines


October 16, 2020- Last day to purchase advertising space for the 2020 Clinical Conference

October 19, 2020 (week of)- A list of pre-registered DPM attendees will be sent to confirmed advertisers via email to the company contact

October 21, 2020- Last day to upload the required information for display in the virtual meeting platform

November 2, 2020 (week of)- A final listing of registered meeting attendees will be sent to confirmed advertisers.  DPMs must register for the conference by October 28, so it is expected this will be the final attendee list provided

November 5 - November 8, 2020- Clinical Conference virtual platform is available to DPM meeting attendees



Why is there no virtual exhibit hall?
The Foundation's top goal for the virtual Clinical Conference is for the user to have a top-notch experience.  Whether that experience be from a doctor viewing the lectures to a commercial interest looking to support the Foundation this fall, the experience is most important to us.  Virtual exhibit hall offerings offer different experiences for exhibitors and we felt that offering an opportunity to showcase your company through advertising, rather than being required to staff a virtual booth for the extent of the conference, was the best decision for this event.

Isn't the advertiser's section like an unmanned exhibit booth?
Yes, it kind of is like an unmanned exhibit booth- for less than half the cost of an in-person event and for double the length of time since the advertiser's information will be available Thursday-Sunday instead of just Friday & Saturday.  Feedback from exhibitors we spoke with who have participated in virtual exhibit halls has shown that staffing a virtual booth for up to 8 hours a day can be tedious so this passive form seemed to be the best approach.

How many DPMs will participate in the Virtual Clinical Conference?
We are hopeful to have 300 doctors register for the meeting.  It is hard to know how many will sign up, but early indications are this is a reasonable estimate.

What meeting platform are you using for the Virtual Clinical Conference?
The Foundation selected HopIn for the meeting, to be managed by Motown Digital out of Troy, MI.  The HopIn platform can be seen below.


This is the landing page where all of the advertisers will appear; meeting attendees click on the company they want to visit.


This is the "inside" of a specific advertiser's area.  A video can be shown, company name and logo appear, and the attendee can click the customizable button for more information or to take advantage of a show offer.


2019 Clinical Conference
DPMs from Pennyslvania  


95% & 5%
PA DPMs from Central and Eastern PA (17XXX-19XXX zip codes); PA DPMs from Western PA (15XXX and 16XXX zip codes)


 DPMs from DE, MD, NJ, and NY 

Of all registrants are APMA members


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Fax : 717-761-4091
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