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Study Guide, Handouts & Recorded Lectures


Each registrant for the Review Course (APMA Member, Non-Member, and Resident) receives a copy of the 13th Edition Study Guide (either in hard copy or e-book version), a handout binder with copies of each presenters PowerPoint, and the ability to access the raw lecture videos after the conference.

13th Edition Study Guide


Each Review Course attendee, including residents, receives a copy of the Foundation's 13th Edition Study Guide included with their registration fee. By default, classroom meeting participants will receive the Study Guide at the meeting. The Study Guide, along with the binder of PowerPoint handouts, will be shipped to Online course participants via UPS Ground at least one week prior to the start of the meeting. For a $25 shipping & handling fee, the Foundation can ship your Study Guide to you when you register for the meeting. The option to receive an e-book version of the Study Guide is also available. The e-book can only be read on an iPad, PCs/Macs, and iOS devices; it cannot be read on a Nook or Kindle AND THE E-BOOK CANNOT BE PRINTED. Read more about the e-book and it's requirements here.

Do NOT purchase the e-book or hardcopy Study Guide through our online store, this is not the discounted book. You will be prompted at registration which version of the book you would like.  Once you make this selection and submit your registration, your Study Guide version cannot be changed.

Study Guides which the registrant pays $25 to receive in advance of the meeting will be shipped within 1 week of registration.  The book will be shipped to the address you used to register for the meeting and you will receive tracking notification via e-mail from UPS.  The Study Guide is shipped from the Foundation office in Camp Hill, PA and delivery time can take up to a week, depending on the distance from Pennsylvania.

Recorded Lectures


The Foundation records the lectures presented each year through our Online Course software, OnSync. These recordings are made available in our Online Lecture Library for sale to the general public. The Foundation will make the raw recordings available to participants in the Review Course for no extra charge. From February 4 - June 1, 2021, registrants from the Review Course will be able to review the recorded lectures online, through the Foundation's website. You will need to use a PC or laptop to view the lectures through Internet Explorer; the Foundation is not able to troubleshoot any computer issues you have with viewing the lectures. More details about how to access the lectures will be included in the handout binder you receive at the meeting (mailed to Online participants).

Handout Binder & Access to Handouts Online


All speakers are required to provide handouts of their PowerPoint presentations. All handouts received in advance of the course will be compiled into an easy-to-follow, three-ring binder, which will be distributed to each attendee during check-in (mailed at least 1 week in advance to Online participants). Any additional handouts presented during the course will be posted on the Foundation’s website for you to download. The purpose of the handouts is to guide attendees in taking notes; speakers are apt to present accompanying information not contained in them. The handouts are NOT available for sale as they are intended to be used along with the lectures as a supplemental study aid.

Early Access to Handouts
The Foundation will be offering early access to the Review Course PowerPoint handouts. The intention of doing this is not so that you go in and print the slides in advance of the conference, as you'll receive the binder mentioned above that contains copies of the handouts. Some attendees have found it useful to have full-color/full-page copies of certain slide, specifically those slides that contain graphs, charts, or detailed pictures. The following details pertain to the access to slides:

  • From January 7, 2021, through June 1, 2021, attendees who have registered for the Review Course can download PDF files of the PowerPoint presentations.
  • Ability to download full-color, one slide per page, versions of the PowerPoints from the meeting.
  • Three-ring binder of black and white handouts (six slides per page) will still be received at the conference itself or mailed in advance to online participants.
  • More information and details on how to access the PDFs, will be included with the confirmation e-mail that you receive once your registration has been received and processed.

Cancellation Policy


Prior to registering for the 2021 Board Review Course, note the cancellation policy for this meeting:

Due to the digital nature of many aspects of the Board Review Course, the Goldfarb Foundation is unable to allow ANY cancellations or refunds for this meeting. If you register and are unable to attend the meeting for any reason, we are unable to refund your registration fee. If you find a replacement to attend the meeting in your place, they will not be issued additional copies of Boards by the Numbers, Boaster-Master software, or the 13th Edition Study Guide and the original registrant will be the person who receives access to the raw videos of the lectures after the conclusion of the conference.

The Goldfarb Foundation is approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) to provide continuing education contact hours and all of our meetings are CPME-approved.

Phone : 717-763-7665
Fax : 717-761-4091
The William L. Goldfarb Foundation 757 Poplar Church Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011