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As the demand for the Classroom version of the Review Course grew, the Foundation expanded the course into an online format over 13 years ago. The Online Course is an opportunity for participants who do not need the CBPS Experience to not travel to Philadelphia but still participate in the course. Registered participants should schedule time out of the office and arrange for necessary child-care during the course as your full attention needs to be devoted to the lectures each day.

To participate in the course, you must have a high-speed Internet connection and your device of choice must be able to connect directly to your router-no tablets are allowed. These policies are in place to ensure that you experience the course to its fullest. CME verification for online participants is taken during the scanning times of those in the Classroom Course; the Foundation reserves the right to also perform random attendance verification curing the course to ensure participation.

The Goldfarb Foundation is planning the 2021 Review Course as face-to-face meeting (Classroom Version) with the online meeting component (Online Version).  However, if circumstances prohibit face-to-face events or large gatherings, the continuing education content will be presented in a live-stream format for all registered participants.



The Online Version of the 2021 Board Review Course occurs at the same time as the Classroom Course.  Lectures are streamed in real-time to online participants who will be viewing them on a device with a high-speed Internet connection.  The course will offer up to 28.0 CE Contact Hours (tentative) and it is the participant's responsibility to know their state's acceptance of credits earned in an online format. 


Review Course- Classroom Version

Wednesday, January 20 - Saturday, January 23, 2021

Philadelphia Airport Marriott

Lecture Times:
Wednesday, January 20: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday, January 21: 8:00 am - 6:30 pm
Friday, January 22: 8:00 am - 6:15 pm
Saturday, January 23: 8:00 am - 1:15 pm

CE Contact Hours: 

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Registration Fees, Online Version

  Early Bird Fee
Until December 16
Regular Fee
December 16 - January 3
APMA Member $1324 $1399
Non-APMA Member $1524 $1599
Resident $974 $974





Membership status with APMA is verified prior to registrations being processed.  Please register at the appropriate rate to avoid paying additional fees.  Resident status is also verified with APMA.

Note that after January 3, no registrations can be accepted for the Online Version of the Review Course.  There cannot be any exceptions to this policy so please plan accordingly.  Do not wait until the last minute to register in case you lose power, get called into work, need to take medical leave, etc.


  1. Registrations must be received by JANUARY 3, 2021.
  2. High Speed Internet connection is a requirement; you MUST be able to connect your computer directly to the router—no exceptions allowed.
  3. Dial-up, WiFi, or satellite Internet prohibited.
  4. If you have a WiFi Internet connection, you must be hard-wired to the modem for maximum event quality. If you choose not to be hard-wired to your modem and use a WiFi connection, Digital Samba will not troubleshoot any problems you encounter during the meeting.
  5. The Internet connection must be through a PC or MAC, no Tablets.
  6. Working sound/audio on the computer.
  7. A working knowledge of the Internet and computers—how to click on links, download items, reboot your computer, adjust your computer’s connections, and settings—is necessary.
  8. Online Course registrants will receive details on how to test Internet connection and verify ability to properly participate in the online version approximately one month prior to the meeting.  Those testing dates/times are tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, January 8 at 7:00 pm Eastern and Thursday, January 9 at 10:00 pm Eastern.  Registrants for the Online Course should plan to be available for one of those 2 sessions; more details will be included in your confirmation e-mail and in event communications.
  9. Any questions regarding your computer or your Internet capabilities to participate in the online program, please contact David Segal directly at Digital Samba, 717-577-4727.

Inclusion Chart

  Study Guide
Hard-Copy or e-book
Handout Binder CBPS Experience Boards by the Numbers Board-Master Software Registration
Cut-off Date
Early Bird
Regular Fee
Classroom - Philadelphia Yes - Onsite or in advance ($25) Yes-onsite Yes Yes Yes January 14;
On-site registrations are NOT accepted
APMA Member - $1299
Resident - $899
APMA Member - $1374
Non-Member - $1574
Resident - $899
Online - Where you are Yes - mailed at least
one week before meeting
Yes - mailed at least
one week before meeting
No Yes Yes January 3 APMA Member - $1324
Non-Member - $1524
Resident - $974
APMA Member- $1399
Non-Member- $1599
Resident- $974
Residents Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes See Above See Above See Above


Online Version FAQs


Information on how to access your subscription to Boards by the Numbers and the included Board-Master Computer Based Patient Simulation questions will be sent via separate e-mails to each individual attendee within 2 weeks of the day they register for the 2020 Board Review Course. These emails will not come from the Goldfarb Foundation, they are sent directly from Boards by the Numbers and Board-Master.

Cancellation Policy


Prior to registering for the 2021 Board Review Course, note the cancellation policy for this meeting:

Due to the digital nature of many aspects of the Board Review Course, the Goldfarb Foundation is unable to allow ANY cancellations or refunds for this meeting. If you register and are unable to attend the meeting for any reason, we are unable to refund your registration fee. If you find a replacement to attend the meeting in your place, they will not be issued additional copies of Boards by the Numbers, Boaster-Master software, or the 13th Edition Study Guide and the original registrant will be the person who receives access to the raw videos of the lectures after the conclusion of the conference.

Phone : 717-763-7665
Fax : 717-761-4091
The William L. Goldfarb Foundation 757 Poplar Church Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011