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Region Three Instructor Handouts


This page is available until June 15, 2021.

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Cafengiu- Running Shoe Overview2 copy 4ppt.pdf   Download
Canzanese- The Inversion Ankle Sprain.pdf   Download
Donato- Functional Fitness presentation.pdf   Download
Jacobs- region 3 IMMUNOSUPPRESSION.pptx.pdf   Download
Jacobs- region 3 ANTICOAGULATION.pptx.pdf   Download
Jacobs- region 3 COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME - Copy.pptx.pdf   Download
Jacobs- region 3 DRUGS THAT INTERFERE WITH HEALING.pptx.pdf   Download
Jacobs- region 3 MANAGEMENT OF PAD -.pdf   Download
Kwaadu- Goldfarb Techinical aspects of the lapidus.pdf   Download
Lehrman Coding- Region 3 59 and X.pdf   Download
Lehrman Coding- Region 3 AUC.pdf   Download
Lehrman Coding- Region 3 Code changes.pdf   Download
Lehrman Coding- Region 3 EM.pdf   Download
Lehrman Coding- Region 3 Sep ID EM.pdf   Download
Mangalmurti- GoldfarbA2021.pdf   Download
Mangalmurti- GoldfarbV2021.pdf   Download
Meyr- 2018 West Penn Syn Stress (1).pdf   Download
Meyr- 2019 APMA ASM Anti Lateral Release.pdf   Download
Moore- Hallux Rigidus & Sylastic Total Implants Region 3.pdf   Download
Peacock- Open Fractures and posterior mal.pdf   Download
Rogers- Gloval Vascular Guidelines.pdf   Download
Sansosti- LS Drive Studies - Region 3.pdf   Download
Sansosti- LS Limb Salvage PVD - Region 3.pdf   Download
Spector- Region 3 PPT March 2021.pdf   Download
Van- 2021 Region Three - JV Partial Calcanectomies.pdf   Download
Vlahovic- Dermatology Pathology Testing.pdf   Download
Vlahovic- EBM and Pod Derm Region 3.pdf   Download
Vlahovic- Oral Antifungal Therapy Region 3.pdf   Download
Vlahovic- Psoriasis Region 3.pdf   Download
Vlahovic- Warts Region 3.pdf   Download
Vlahovic- What do I recommend Region 3.pdf   Download

Continued Q&A with Tracey Vlahovic, DPM


How can you minimize permanent nail damage when doing a biopsy through the nail matrix?

It is rare to have that nail damage, but it is best to consent for it just in case.  Dystrophy is always a possibility when disturbing the nail matrix, but that is where you have to take the biopsy from. 


Biopsy of nail matrix, damages nail permanently??

It has potential to, but it is rare.  It has to be made known and consented for, just in case


How do you treat nail psoraisis?

In the pdf of the lecture, you will find a topical way of treating it.  


If you are telling patient to use multiple topicals, is there an order for applying, is applying one after the other appropriate, etc??

With psoriasis, the steroid, vitamin d analog, and moisturizer can be applied in succession.  moisturizer generally last.  


If someone sees me after being put on an oral or topical antifungal from another provider, I’m reluctant to culture for fear of false negative. What are your thoughts?

The culture will be negative generally after 3 months of being on an antifungal.  


What of NEG for fungus( PAS/PCR even)or yeast/mold nail culture, but positive for bacteria. How know bacteria not pathogenic?

Bacteria do not have the capability to break down keratin.  they aren't a cause for onychomycosis.  They are part of the natural flora and often the biofilm that is created under the nail.  


What are the top three topical medications that you prescribe for tinea?

That is dependent on the patient's insurance.  I don't have a top three since I go by formulary.  


For atopic eczema what are your thoughts on using Elidel?

Elidel is a solid second or third line topical for non-steroidal for eczema. 


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