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ProSeries- ResidentPro and DoctorPro

The ProSeries is a variety of study tools at your fingertips, a customized study plan through the necessary material, a proven CBPS test-taking strategy, and you'll be guided by an administrator along the way.

ProSeries bundles together all the study tools you’ll need for you to successfully prepare for passing In Training Exams (ITE), certification through ABFAS, ABPM, and individual state licensing exams.

Residents preparing for their In Training Exams should purchase ResidentPro.  You are required to enter the name of your residency program for verification of your discounted purchase price.  Discounted, bulk purchases for a residency program are available.

Podiatrists preparing for certification (ABPM or ABFAS) or state licensing exams should purchase DoctorPro.

The name and contact information (address, cell phone number, and email) must be for the end-user of the ProSeries.  If you are a residency director/coordinator purchasing this product for a resident, create the account using that person's information.  This step is critical to the future success of the ProSeries user experience.


Your purchase of the ProSeries is non-refundable.  All sales are final, and contact information on a submitted order- name, address, and email- cannot be changed.  You cannot transfer your purchase to another person.  There are no refunds, credits issued, or cancellations for a ProSeries purchase.  The maximum total access time for ResidentPro is 12 months.

  1. The ProSeries is a web-based application program.  ResidentPro access to the program (lecture videos), included software (Boards by the Numbers), and the 13th Edition Study Guide eBook, are accessible for 12 months from the day of purchase. Access to those products CANNOT be extended beyond the maximum 12-month timeframe.  
  2. DoctorPro access to the program (lecture videos), included software (Boards by the Numbers), and the 13th Edition Study Guide eBook, are accessible for 6 months from the day of purchase. After six months, you will not have access to those products, and the Foundation CANNOT be extended beyond the 6-month timeframe.  
  3. Purchasers of the ProSeries can access the program and its supplemental study aids by a smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop that is connected to the Internet.  An Internet connection is required to utilize the Learnio program and its supplemental study aids.

Below is useful information relevant to the ProSeries purchase process.  Details include when you can expect to receive materials and access information for various aspects of the ProSeries.

Handout Workbook: The handout workbook is a downloadable PDF accessible within the Learnio platform.  The PDF is a printable complication of the PowerPoint slides, 6 per page in color.

ProSeries Lecture Videos & eBook: You will access the lecture videos and ebook Study Guide via the Learnio platform.  Learnio will contact you directly by email with your login and password.  Questions regarding your access to the lecture videos and eBook can be directed to: patrick@learnio.app

Boards by the Numbers: Your order information has been sent to Boards by the Numbers (Certifiable, Inc.).  You will receive an email from tonydallalio@gmail.com, detailing your access information to the Boards by the Numbers software.  Direct questions about Boards by the Numbers to Anthony Dallalio, DPM, at 513-347-0004.

Dr. John Marty has assigned himself as your administrator.  You can reach Dr. Marty at 724-396-5239 or feet0257@gmail.com with any questions you have related to the ProSeries.