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Hard copy- 13th Edition Board Review Study Guide

The 13th Edition of the Foundation's Board Certification Review Study Guide was released on September 1, 2016 and has been completely updated from the 12th Edition.  The book is an all encompassing text book created for DPM's preparing for certification or recertification. The Study Guide includes topics in every area covered by both Boards and is concise, clear, and easy to read.  Extensive changes were made to create the 13th Edition, including
- Each chapter reviewed with 27 revised or re-written
- Computer-generated illustrations replacing hand-drawn pictures
- Charts and graphs updated for consistency and easy-reading

It has much more clarity and refinement and students and DPMs alike will find that the 13th Edition Study Guide now resembles a textbook with its updated content and enhanced readability.

The book is a complete, categorized, illustrated, in-depth study outline which contains 668 pages and is designed to aid with board qualification, certification, and recertification.  Click here for a preview of Chapter 22, Chapter 22: Generalized Disease Conditions of the Bone.

Shipping is for each book is $10.00 for UPS Ground shipping and is included in the cost of the book. 

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12th Edition

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 Chapter 22

Chapter 22


The following topics are included in the Study Guide:

Chapter 1: Emergency Medicine
Chapter 2: Anesthesia
Chapter 3: Perioperative Management
Chapter 4: Preoperative Evaluation
Chapter 5: Postoperative Care & Complications
Chapter 6: Infectious Diseases
Chapter 7: Wound Healing
Chapter 8: Plastic Surgery
Chapter 9: Bone Healing
Chapter 10: Burns and Frostbite
Chapter 11: Fluid Management and Replacement in the Surgical Patient
Chapter 12: Osseous Tumors
Chapter 13: Dermatology
Chapter 14: Rheumatology
Chapter 15: Peripheral Vascular Disease
Chapter 16: Internal & External Fixation
Chapter 17: Nail Disorders & Surgery
Chapter 18: Neurology
Chapter 19: Pediatrics
Chapter 20: Pharmacology
Chapter 21: Surgery of the Congenital Foot
Chapter 22: Generalized Disease Conditions of the Bone
Chapter 23: Radiology
Chapter 24: Hallux Valgus & Related Disorders
Chapter 25: Trauma of the Foot & Ankle
Chapter 26: Digital Deformities and Surgery
Chapter 27: Muscle and Tendon Pathology
Chapter 28: Lesser Metatarsal Surgery
Chapter 29: Ankle Conditions
Chapter 30: Heel Conditions
Chapter 31: Amputations
Chapter 32: Biomechanics
Chapter 33: Anatomy
Chapter 34: Soft Tissue Tumors
Chapter 35: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for the Management of Foot Conditions
Chapter 36: Arthroscopy
Chapter 37: Laser Applications in Podiatric Surgery
Chapter 38: Radiological Pathology


Hard Copy Study Guides

Hard copy Study Guides are shipping from the Goldfarb Foundation office in Camp Hill, PA via UPS Ground.  Books are typically shipped within 2 days of your order being received.  Below is a map from UPS showing estimated ground delivery timeframes from zip code 17011.