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Exhibit Booth at Goldfarb Clinical Conference

The 49th Annual Goldfarb Foundation Clinical Conference is scheduled for the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA from Thursday, November 4 - Sunday, November 7, 2021.  This event is the place to showcase your products and build customer relationships.  The Clinical Conference draws DPMs and Assistants from across the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Exhibit booths are priced starting at $900 through May 31.  Below are details about booths and exhibiting:

Booth Pricing  
Early Bird Fee (Until May 31)  $900
Regular Fee (June 1 - August 31)  $950
Late Fee (After September 1)  $1000
Booth Size 10 x 10
Number of Booths Available 68

1 6' Table,  2 Chairs, 1 Wastebasket, 1 ID sign, WiFi

Estimated Attendance The 2019 Clinical Conference attracted over 400 podiatrists.  More than 400 DPMs participated in the 2020 Virtual Clinical Conference.
Exhibit Days Friday - November 5
Saturday - November 6

Valley Forge Casino Resort


Details about the exhibit hall are subject to change based upon the current pandemic environment.  The exhibit hall layout, sponsorships, and promotions within the exhibit hall may be adjusted as necessary due to mandates from national, state, and local governments and health agencies.

$950.00 $900.00

By purchasing a booth for the 2021 Clinical Conference, I acknowledge that several aspects of the overall meeting and exhibit hall may change as the event dates get closer.  Those details may include, but are not limited to:

  • Exhibit hall layout; if a layout change is mandated by social distancing requirements, the Foundation will attempt to place exhibitors in as similar of a location as their original booth choice.
  • Exhibit hall times; the hours of the exhibit hall are subject to change 
  • Food/beverage placement; the location of the food and beverages in the exhibit hall are subject to change to allow for any social distancing requirements.  This includes placement of tables and chairs for meal consumption.
  • Promotions; activities such as the Lucky Ticket Raffle from 2019 and prior years may need to be revised for 2021
  • Poster Competition placement; the location of the poster competition may be changed if more space for social distancing is required in the exhibit hall.

Products or services exhibited (or referred to) must be those related to the interests and educational values of the Goldfarb Foundation and normally manufactured or supplied by the exhibitor. Exhibitors may exhibit only those products/services approved by the Goldfarb Foundation. The Goldfarb Foundation may refuse to accept the Application of any company or person whose display of goods or services is not compatible, in the sole opinion of the Goldfarb Foundation, with the general character and objectives of the Goldfarb Foundation.

SUBLETTING AND USE OF SPACE Exhibitors shall not assign or sublet any space allotted to them and shall not advertise or display goods other than those manufactured or sold by them in the regular course of their business. No person, firm, or organization that has not contracted with the Goldfarb Foundation for occupancy of exhibit space will be permitted to display or demonstrate any products, processes or services, solicit orders, wear exhibitor identification badges, or distribute advertising or other materials at the Conference. Any infringement of this regulation will result in prompt removal of the offending person(s). The Goldfarb Foundation does not in any manner endorse any of the products or services related to the exhibits, which have been accepted for display during the Conference.

EXHIBIT SPACE ACTIVITIES Business activities, circulars, and advertising material of the exhibitor shall only be conducted and/or distributed within the exhibit space assigned to the exhibitor. Exhibitors are prohibited from conducting any activities in the lecture hall, on the outside grounds, parking area, or elsewhere inside of the Valley Forge Casino Resort, without prior consent. Exhibitors are required to keep the assigned exhibit space in good order at all times. Exhibitors may not place anything in the aisles during open hours. Promotional activities considered to be objectionable and not in the best interest of the Goldfarb Foundation and its purpose of education are expressly prohibited. All unusual or atypical promotional activities, in the Goldfarb Foundation’s sole discretion, must be approved in writing by the Goldfarb Foundation no later than sixty (60) days prior to the opening of the Conference.

EXHIBITOR/SALES ACTIVITIES Exhibitors/ Sponsors will not host any onsite or offsite activities that interfere with scheduled Goldfarb Foundation educational programming or events. During the dates of November 5-8, 2020, all exhibitor/sponsor activities taking place outside of scheduled programming or events that include any Clinical Conference attendees must be cleared through and scheduled by the Goldfarb Foundation to ensure that there are no conflicts with the Clinical Conference programming or events.

EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from attending any CE or workshops per CPME guidelines.

FDA REGULATIONS Exhibitors shall comply with all applicable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, including, without limitation, FDA restrictions on the promotion of investigational and pre-approved drugs and devices and the FDA prohibition on promoting approved drugs and devices for unapproved uses. Any product not FDA-approved for a particular use or not commercially available in the US may be exhibited only if accompanied by easily visible signs indicating the status of the product.

SECURITY The Goldfarb Foundation provides overnight security guard service. Although security personnel may be onsite during exhibit hours, the Goldfarb Foundation, Valley Forge Casino Resort, and GES shall have no liability whatsoever for theft, loss, or damage to property belonging to exhibitors, their agents, employees, business invitees, visitors, or guests.

LIABILITY Exhibitor shall be fully responsible to pay for any and all damages to property owned by Valley Forge Casino Resort, its owners, or managers that results from any act or omission of Exhibitor. Exhibitor agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Valley Forge Casino Resort, Goldfarb Foundation, and their owners, managers, officers or directors, agents, employees, subsidiaries and affiliates, from any damages

or charges resulting from Exhibitor’s use of the property. Exhibitor’s liability includes all losses, costs, damages, or expenses arising from or out of or because of an accident or bodily injury or other occurrences to any person or persons; including the Exhibitor, its agents, employees, and business invitees which arise from or out of the Exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the exhibition premises, the Hotel, or any part thereof.

PHOTOGRAPHY/MULTIMEDIA DISCLAIMER OTHER REGULATIONS The Goldfarb Foundation shall have the sole authority to interpret and enforce all rules and regulations governing exhibitors and the Conference. Any and all matters not specifically covered herein are subject to decision by the Goldfarb Foundation. These exhibitor requirements  may be amended at any time by the Goldfarb Foundation upon written notice to all exhibitors. Each exhibitor expressly agrees to be bound by the rules, regulations, and requirements set forth herein and by any amendments thereto adopted by the Goldfarb Foundation from time to time. Any exhibitor or exhibitor representative  who, in the opinion of the Goldfarb Foundation, conducts itself unethically may immediately be dismissed from the Conference without refund or other appeals.

VIOLATION OF RULES Any violation of these Rules and Regulations by exhibitor may, at the Goldfarb Foundation’s discretion, result in denial of access to the exhibit area, denial of exhibit space installation, closing or removal of the exhibitor’s exhibit space, prohibition on future participation in conferences. In the event exhibitor violates the rules, regulations, and requirements and is prohibited from continued use of the exhibit space, exhibitor’s exhibit space fee, or any portion of it, will be forfeited and is non-refundable.

FORCE MAJEURE In the event the Valley Forge Casino Resort or any part of the exhibit area thereof is unavailable, whether for the entire event or a portion of the event, as a result of fire, flood, tempest, or any such act of God, or as a result of governmental intervention, malicious damage, acts of war, strike, lock-out, labor dispute, riot, or any other cause or agency over which the Foundation has no control, or should the Foundation decide that because of any such cause it is necessary to cancel, postpone, or resite the exhibit or reduce the installation time, exhibit time, or move-out time, the Foundation shall not be liable to indemnify or reimburse the exhibitor in respect of any

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