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Recert Prep Course vs 2021 Board Review Course


This page is designed to assist those who are recertifying with ABFAS or ABPM in 2021 with determining which of the Foundation's two courses are best for you.


What is the recert prep course?

The Online Recertification Prep Course is a self-paced study program designed for those recertifying with ABFAS or ABPM in 2021. The course includes:

• Lectures from our Online Lecture Library that were recorded at a previous Board Review Course; purchasers of the Course have until February 28 to view the videos at their leisure

• A copy of our 13th Edition Study Guide, available in hard copy and/or eBook formats

• A 1 year subscription to Boards by the Numbers

• 70 multiple choice questions

how is the recert prep course different than the board review course?

The Online Recert Prep Course and the 2021 Board Review Course are very similar. The Online Recert Prep Course is self-paced, you need to create your own study plan and decide how and when you want to study. Will you read a few chapters in the Study Guide each week and watch one Online Lecture a week? Assuming you purchase the course soon after it's available (starting September 1), you will have several months to prepare for your exam at your own pace.

The 2021 Board Review Course is a physical event that occurs January 20-23. The materials will be presented live during that timeframe. Many people taking the Board Review Course will take their ABFAS recertification exam a week or two after the Course. While some aspects of the course are available prior to the January meeting date, the vast majority of the information is given to you at the event in January. Some might refer to the Review Course as a crash course for those Recertifying with the close proximity of the course to the recertification test dates.

Should i purchase the recert prep course or participate in the 2021 board review course?

This question can only be answered by you. Ask yourself how you like to study and when you want the study materials.

If you prefer to do a study crunch and have the materials given to you in a timeframe close to your exam, or don't trust that you will study on your own in the months leading up to your recertification exam, consider the 2020 Board Review Course.

The Online Recert Prep Course is great for those who can study on their own in preparation for their exam. Watching the online lectures, working through Boards by the Numbers, and reviewing the Study Guide are great tools to prepare for your exam!

Compare the two options





# of CE Contact Hours

What's Included

Recert Prep Course

Done virtually

Available for sale
September 1 - January 31
with access to online lectures until February 28

$999 (several options available)

Up to 20.75 

Recorded online lectures

Boards by the Numbers

13th Edition Study Guide

Practice test (70 questions)

2020 Board Review Course

Philadelphia, PA (online version available in real-time)

The course and all lectures occur live January 20 - 23, 2021

Ranges from $899 - $1599

Up to 28.0

Live lectures

Boards by the Numbers

Board-Master software

13th Edition Study Guide

CBPS Experience


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