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Recert Prep Course


The Recert Prep Course is designed to allow those recertifying for ABFAS, ABPM, or ABMSP in 2021 to prepare at their own pace by watching recorded lectures and review the Foundation's Study Guide, along with utilizing testing materials designed for those recertifying.  The course is available for purchase September 1, 2020 until January 31, 2021.  

Recert Prep Course Brochure
Purchase the Recert Prep Course (available Sept. 1)
How to View the Online Lectures


Info About Course

The ABFAS window for recertification is scheduled (for timing purposes) in close proximity to the Foundation's Review Course.  The Foundation's  Review Course  is scheduled for January 20-23, 2021- review the ABFAS Foot Recertification testing window.  To assist those with preparing to recertify, we are making available the Recert Prep Course.  The course is a self-paced way to prepare for your recertification.  We include lectures, our Study Guide, practice Q&A software, and a multiple choice test to give you the tools you need to get ready.  

To determine whether the Review Course or the Recert Prep Course is for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • When are you recertifying? If you are doing so in 2022+, we recommend the 2021 Board Review Course.  The Review Course is the most comprehensive learning activity the Foundation offers and by taking the course a full year before you take your recertification exam you will have more than enough time to study and prepare on your own after the Review Course concludes.

    1. If you are recertifying in 2020, are you disciplined to study on your own between September - February? The Recert Prep Course, for sale beginning September 1, gives you all of the tools you'll need to pass the recertification exam; the course is self-paced so you will set your own schedule to view the recorded lectures, read the Study Guide, and/or work through Boards by the Numbers.

    2. If you are recertifying in 2021, do you need to have the medical information from the live lectures at the Review Course given to you a week or two before you take your exam? Some people work best with this format so the 2021 Review Course is recommended to them.  Consider that you can receive your Study Guide at the time of registration for the 2021 Review Course and you also receive your Boards by the Numbers and Board-Master software within 2 weeks of registering; by receiving these materials well in advance of February, you can prepare at your own pace with that information and the live lectures at the actual meeting in late January will be the icing on your cake of learning and recertification prep.

What's Included

  • 31 topics covered in 24 videos, recorded at previous years' Board Review Courses; the lectures are watched online, through the Foundation's website.  Specific prerequisites for watching the lectures, including the types of web browsers that can be used, are listed below.

  • 20.75 CE Contact Hours are available, assuming you watch each lecture and complete the accompanying quiz; the lectures are CPME-approved

  • 13th Edition Foundation Study Guide in either e-book format or hard copy (additional $100 for both versions)

  • One year subscription to Boards by the Numbers

  • Recertification Written Exam prepared for recert attendees at the Board Review Course

  • Recert Prep Course Guide to walk you through the best way to utilize the tools we give you so you stay on track to prepare for your exam

You can purchase the Recert Prep Course beginning September 1 and the course will be for sale through January 31.  Access to the online lectures, no matter when the course is purchased, is through February 28.

When you purchase the course, you will need to select the format of Study Guide that you would like- e-book or hard copy.  If you select e-book, follow the eBook downloading guide for step-by-step directions.  If you select hard copy, your book will be shipped to you within one week via UPS Ground.  Once you make the selection as to which version of the Study Guide you would like at registration and submit your order, no changes can be made to the book type.

The Recertification Written Exam and Recert Prep Course Guide will be attached to the confirmation e-mail you receive from lara@ppma.org and your subscription information for Boards by the Numbers will be emailed to you within two weeks of your registration. You will receive an e-mail from aed@fuse.net with instructions on how to access Boards by the Numbers.  If you have questions about BBTN, please call Anthony Dallalio, DPM at 513-347-0004

Pricing Options

 Course with Study Guide:

 13th Edition Hard Copy OR E-Book 

 Course with Study Guide:

 13th Edition Hard Copy AND E-Book 

 Course WITHOUT Study Guide

 (Only for those who already own a 13th Edition Study Guide)

 $999  $1099  $799


Cancellation Policy

All purchases of the Prep Course are final; the Foundation is unable to issue refunds for those who would like to cancel their purchase due to the digital nature of this course.


In an effort to continually improve the quality of our Online Lecture Library, the videos are now On Demand.  If you begin a video on your iPad at home one evening, you can pick it up 3 days later on your office computer over lunch.  The On Demand feature is like an extended pause button, allowing longer videos such as Pharmacology & General Medicine, to be one video and not two separate ones.  Note that when you start to again view a video that you have not yet completed you will not be able to advance past the furthest part of the video that you did watch (meaning you can't skip to the end to earn the CE Contact Hours).  

Device Requirements to View Online Lectures

In order to watch the lecture successfully and complete the accompanying quiz, the device(s) you plan to view the videos on must meet the following criteria:

  • Mac or Windows PC with High Speed Internet Connection

  • Microsoft Edge 

  • Internet Explorer 11 or later

  • Apple Safari 5.0 or later

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox 24 or later

  • Apple iPads with Apple OS 6 or later and High Speed Internet Connection (iPhones are NOT compatible with this system and can’t be used to view the lectures)

  • Android Tablets and Phones with Android OS 4 or later and High Speed Internet Connection Note: due to the wide variety of android devices available we cannot guarantee compatibility with every device.

  • Windows Phone 8 or later

While these computer requirements are meant to be inclusive, new products- including devices, operating systems, and browsers- are constantly being made available for sale.  The Foundation cannot guarantee that devices not listed and those of a lower quality will allow you to view the lectures.  To test your device against our video player and to experience the format of an online lecture, click here.

If you are unsure of your device’s operating system or web browser version, Google your device name and “how to find browser version/operating system".

The Goldfarb Foundation's Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality dictates the Foundation’s handling of learner’s personal information. This policy is enforced in all areas of the Foundation’s business, including online communications, offline communications, direct marketing, and event registration.

The Foundation maintains a comprehensive database of information on its learners in accordance with the general needs and expectations of the organization and its learners. This information is intended exclusively for purposes related to official Foundation business and to facilitate interaction between the Foundation and its learners. Directory information in the database may include home or work addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and activity registrations/online purchases.

The Foundation will use personal information to fulfill registrations for events, orders for materials and services made online, and other requested services. For live educational meetings (CME activities), the Foundation may share a list of registered attendees with the registered exhibitors for that event.

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