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Virtual 2021 Region Three Meeting


The 72nd Annual Region three Meeting will occur as a virtual event from Thursday, April 29 - Sunday, May 2.  This page contains information designed to help you navigate the virtual meeting platform.  The virtual meeting terms and conditions can also be found on this page.  You must agree to the terms & conditions in order to register for this event.

Virtual Event Terms & Conditions


By registering for this virtual activity, I acknowledge that:

  1. The event will occur virtually and is not a face-to-face event.
  2. The lectures will live stream from the Eastern Time Zone; I understand that if I reside in a different time zone, I am responsible for knowing the appropriate start and stop times for the lectures and attendance verifications.
  3. The recommended device to best participate in this activity is a Windows-based PC or laptop.  Should I choose to use another device, the Goldfarb Foundation and Region Three are not responsible for any problems that arise with my inability to participating in the event.  Including, but not limited to, hearing the lectures, viewing the lectures, and participating in the attendance verification.
  4. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for the virtual Region Three Meeting. 
  5. It is my responsibility to know the method for attendance verification and what is required to complete the attendance verification.  Should I miss the attendance verification for any reason, CECH will not be awarded to me.  Should I choose to use a device other than a Windows-based PC or laptop and Google Chrome to participate in the activity and the device does not allow me to perform attendance verification, I will not be awarded CECH.
  6. The cancellation policy for this event applies to all registrations, including mine.  No refunds for registration cancellations for this event will be issued after April 19.  That includes if I do not participate in all the lectures, miss attendance verifications, have an emergency arise, etc.  I acknowledge that a non-refundable $50 administrative fee will be charged for all cancellations.
  7. The lectures for this meeting will be pre-recorded by the instructors, who will appear during pre-determined times for live question and answer periods.  The lectures will not be made available for viewing after the event.  




In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 72nd Annual Region Three Meeting will be presented in a virtual, live-streamed from the Eastern Time Zone on Thursday, April 29 - Sunday, May 2.

Why are you going virtual?
The pandemic and bans on large gatherings has forced the Region Three Meeting to a virtual platform in 2021.  The Region Three Committee was determined to deliver the number of CE Contact Hours advertised so going virtual is the way to meet the needs of podiatrists from across the Mid-Atlantic this year.

What platform will you be using?
The Committee has selected the HopIn platform, to be managed by Motown Digital.

What do I need to participate in the virtual meeting?
You will need an Internet-connected device on which to view the lectures. It is strongly recommended that you use a Windows-based PC or laptop and Google Chrome as your web browswer.  Smartphones tablets may not work. The faster your Internet connection, the smoother your experience will be, which is one reason mobile device users may encounter issues.  The Region Three committee, Motown Digital, nor the Goldfarb Foundation, recommend the above-mentioned devices and browser to ensure the smoothest online learning experience.    While no level of certainty is promised for any virtual event, choosing to use another device leaves you open to not being able to view the lecture videos and not being able to participate in the attendance verifications.

Can I just register for specific days of the virtual meeting?

All aspects of the in-person event carry over to the virtual meeting number of CECH available and event registration prices. Registering for the Region Three Meeitng does include the PICA Risk Management lecture on Sunday, May 2.  Registration for individual days of the meeting is not available.

Will there be exhibitors at the virtual event?
There will not be exhibitors during the virtual Region Three Meeting.

What does it cost to participate in the virtual event?
Check out the registration fees, including the early bird deadline and the fact that registration for the event closes on Thursday, April 22.

How will the virtual event work?
When you register for the 2020 Virtual Region Three Meeitng, you will receive an event confirmation email from barbp@ppma.org. Approximately two days before the start of the meeting, you will receive an email that contains the event link.  The link is unique to you and cannot be shared. The link gives you access to the virtual event.

Will the lecture schedule remain the same for the event?
The plan is to keep the lecture schedule the same for the virtual event- speakers are confirmed and topics are set. The may be a few minor tweaks that will not impact the overall lecture CECH for the event.

How will attendance verification work in the virtual platform?
Attendance verification in the virtual platform will work similarly to how it does at the live event. During the posted attendance verification times, a link will be placed in the chat box of the main stage/lecture hall virtual platform.  Attendees will click on the link and be taken to a page on the Goldfarb Foundation's website.  The page will contain an online form that each person must complete and submit.  The form will request your name, email address, date, and require a digital signature (entered wit your mouse or finger).  Submitting the online form will give you a confirmation message and you will receive a copy of the submitted information by email from lara@ppma.org.  This form is NOT your CECH certificate; a complete certificate totaling all of your hours earned for the event will be emailed to you after the conclusion of the meeting.

When do I need to register so I can participate in the virtual meeting?
Registration for the Region Three Meeting will close on April 22, one week before the start of the meeting, to allow the final technical details of the event to be put into place. Once registration is closed for the meeting, no more registrations can be accepted.  Exceptions to this policy cannot be granted. This is a new concept for the Region Three Meeting so please don't procrastinate, register now. The early bird deadline for the meeting is March 26.

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