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Clinical Conference Handouts


Handouts will be added to this page as they are made available to the Foundation.

The Foundation requires that each Instructor provide their handouts in advance of the meeting.  Additional handouts may be added to the website after the conference if they are provided by the Instructor.

You can access this page until January 1, 2022.

File Name Download
Albright- Hammertoes_2021.pdf   Download
Albright- Lisfranc_2021.pdf   Download
Archer - 2021 goldfarb connective tissue matrix implant lecture and video (2).pdf   Download
Archer - Wound Bed Preparation_ Current Concepts (1).pdf   Download
Belis - 2021 Goldfarb Belis- Minimal Invasive Techniques_opt.pdf   Download
Bodison- Radiation Safety.pdf   Download
Canzanese - Preventing Running Injuries-goldfarb.pdf   Download
Canzanese - Shin splints Modified for Goldfarb.pdf   Download
Canzanese- Sneaker Recs.pdf   Download
Cichelli - Lateral Ankle Instability.pdf   Download
Hewitt- reconstruction horror stories.pdf   Download
Labib - Talus OCL 2021.pdf   Download
Labib- Ankle OA. Update.pdf   Download
Labib- F&A Sports 2021.pdf   Download
Lehrman - Goldfarb Lehrman Forefoot Surgery.pdf   Download
Lehrman - Goldfarb Lehrman Not Googling.pdf   Download
Mateen- Evaluation of the Relationship....pdf   Download
Mendeszoon - Trauma Complications PPT_opt.pdf   Download
Nasser- Skin Substitutes 2021.pdf   Download
Painter- Opioid 2021.pdf   Download
Painter- Perioperative nutritional support.pdf   Download
Pratt- Impact of Equinus in Flatfoot.pdf   Download
Razzante- Achilles.pdf   Download
Ritter- Compartment Syndromes.pdf   Download
Robinson- Chronic leg ulcers.pdf   Download
Robinson- Wound Care in the Covid-19 Pandemic.pdf   Download
Sara Mateen - resident contest goldfarb presentation MATEEN.pdf   Download
Saxena- Long Complications of Hindfoot Tendon Surgery.pdf   Download
Schleicher - Biopsy Art and Science 2021.pdf   Download
Schleicher - COMMON DERMATOSES 2021.pdf   Download
Taubman- Combating a False Sense of Cybersecurity (correct file).pdf   Download
Vlahovic- Cases.pdf   Download
Vlahovic- Warts.pdf   Download
Wynes - Charcot Complications Goldfarb Handout_opt.pdf   Download
Wynes- External Fixation Complications_opt.pdf   Download
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