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the 2020 clinical conference is a virtual event


Due to the COVID-19 impact on the 2020 Clinical Conference, the event will be presented in a virtual format over the scheduled dates of Thursday, November 5 - Sunday, November 8.  

register risk-free* guarantee


Introducing the Register Risk-Free* Guarantee! When you register for the Clinical Conference between August 1 and October 15 and need to cancel, a full refund will be available. You can also defer your registration to the 2021 Clinical Conference. *To receive a full refund, you must cancel your registration by October 15, 2020. 

FAQs about the virtual Clinical Conference


In response to the current situation in Pennsylvania with a cap of 25 participants at an indoor event, the Goldfarb Foundation's 48th Annual Clinical Conference will be presented in a virtual, live-stream format over the original event dates of Thursday, November 5 - Sunday, November 8, 2020.

Why are you going virtual?
The state of PA mandate for indoor events not to exceed a capacity of 25 people would make it impossible to host a face-to-face Clinical Conference in 2020. Determined to deliver the number of CE Contact Hours advertised, going virtual is the way to meet the needs of podiatrists from across the Mid-Atlantic this year.

What platform will you be using?
The Foundation has been in contact with several companies who offer online learning systems and has selected an excellent company that we are confident will manage the event very well. Rest assured, much time has been spent researching and demoing many different platforms to meet the needs of the event audience.

I already registered for the meeting, what do I need to do now?
Absolutely nothing! All person's currently registered for the meeting will be able to participate in the virtual meeting without doing anything- it is literally a verbiage change in our registration database to take your registration to the virtual format. Note that if you made a hotel reservation at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, the reservation will be canceled automatically. If you reserved a room outside of our discounted room block, such as through a third-party travel agency, or at another hotel, you must cancel the reservation yourself. The Register Risk-Free* Guarantee still applies to registrations for the Clinical Conference.

What do I need to participate in the virtual meeting?
You will need an Internet-connected device on which to view the lectures. Smartphones, tables, PCs, and laptops are compatible. The faster your Internet connection, the smoother your experience will be. AOL dial-up from the 2000's is discouraged :-)

Can I just register for specific days of the virtual meeting?
All aspects of the in-person event carry over to the virtual meeting, including lecture hours, number of CECH available, and event registration prices. Registering for the Clinical Conference entitles you to attend the Friday-Sunday lectures and you can elect to register for the Risk Management Update and APMA Coding Seminar for additional fees. Registration for separate days of the Friday-Sunday lectures is not available.

Will there be exhibitors at the virtual event?
More details are being sent separately to exhibitors about how their company can support the Foundation this fall.

What does it cost to participate in the virtual event?
There is no price difference to participate in the virtual Clinical Conference.

How will the virtual event work?
When you register for the 2020 Clinical Conference, you will receive an event confirmation email from barbp@ppma.org. Approximately one week before the start of the meeting, you will receive email communication from the event platform that confirms you are registered for the virtual meeting in their system and in that email will be a link unique to you. The link gives you access to the virtual event. Based upon what aspects of the Clinical Conference you register for, the email may contain several links as there will be unique ones for the APMA Coding Seminar, Risk Management Update, and the general Clinical Conference lectures.

Will the lecture schedule remain the same for the event?
The plan is to keep the lecture schedule the same for the virtual event- speakers are confirmed and topics are set. The may be a few minor tweaks that will not impact the overall lecture hours for the event.

How will attendance verification work in the virtual platform?
Attendance verification in the virtual platform will work similarly to how it does at the live event. Instead of scanning your bar-coded name badge during designated times, you will verify your participation during the virtual event via a widget in the meeting platform during the same designated times. Very little about attendance verification from the in-person meeting will change in the virtual platform- you will have a specific amount of time to indicate you are "there" and that information will be used to issue your CECH certificate after the event. Note that the Foundation does reserve the right to perform an unscheduled attendance verification at any time during the virtual Clinical Conference.

When do I need to register so I can participate in the virtual meeting?
Registration for the Clinical Conference will close about 1 week before the start of the meeting to allow the final technical details of the event to be put into place. An exact date will be announced soon but once registration is closed for the meeting, we will not be able to allow for exceptions. This is a new concept for the Clinical Conference so please don't procrastinate, register now. The early bird deadline for the meeting of October 2 will remain the same.

Does the PICA discount of 15% for malpractice insurance apply?
Yes, PICA has confirmed that participants in the Risk Management Update during the Clinical Conference, held from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm on Thursday, November 5, will receive the same 15% discount as if they attended the meeting in person.

What other Goldfarb CE meetings will be going virtual?
At this time, the decision has been made only to take the Clinical Conference virtual, not Annapolis and not the 2021 Board Review Course. Annapolis has different regulations being in the state of Maryland than Valley Forge in PA and we are hopeful the Annapolis Meeting can be held face-to-face. The Review Course already has an online component for those who are interested in being in Philadelphia.

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